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FMH Flail Mower

The design of FMH series flail mowers expands the cutting range on the basis of FM, and adds a hydraulic side shift design, which makes the mowing range more flexible and variable.

Tomorgo's FMH machines use  50/65hp gearbox and Q345 material as the the hood and side plate, of course adopts automatic tensioning structure pulley, the rotor shaft diameter and rear roller diameter reaches 168mm, which is superior than most similar mowers in the market.

Where you can use it.

They can be used on large pasture, grassland, bush land etc.

Large pasture


Bush Land




Working Width:











Category II

Suit for tractor Horsepower:


High-Grade steel for hood and side panel:

Tomorgo FMH series use Q345(European Standard:S355J2) grade steel for the whole hood and side panel, 

and the most materials used on the market is Q235.

Q235 is ordinary carbon steel, while Q345 is low-alloy structural steel, Q345-- good mechanical properties,

low temperature performance can, good ductility and weldability, used as the low-pressure vessels, tanks, 

vehicles, cranes, mining machinery, structural, mechanical parts, building structures, metal structures in general,

hot-rolled or normalizing state power plants, bridges, etc. to withstand dynamic load of use, can be used for 

all kinds of steel above -40 ℃ cold areas.

Hydraulic offset from PTO CENTER:1646972652166273.png

This feature can expand the mowing range, From the center of the PTO 

the mower extends 23cm to the left and 86cm to the right(the biggest model).

Chrome slide rod:1646972716893019.png

Every Chrome slide rod will be wrapped with the anti-rust paper when packing, 

this ensures that the rails are as clean as new when you receive it,  besides that, 

the Chrom guide tube outer diameter reaches 60mm and chrome thickness is 60μm, 

such strong tube and such thick chrom can support enough moving frequency, 

and guarantee not to rust within 2 years at least.

Driven Belts:1647852788209018.png

4pcs Gates Belts

Gates Corporation is a leading manufacturer of application-specific fluid power and 

power transmission solutions. In our previous testing process, the service life of the 

GATES belt is 3 times that of the ordinary belt of the same specification. Belt is a wearing 

part, of course, the more durable the better, which can increase the performance of the 1646972850152302.png

product and reduce the trouble of replacement. All TOMORGO flail mower choose GATES belts.

Tomorgo always strives to be the best.

Self-tensioner device:

Self-tensioner device can avoid slippage or overworking the belts, which will also greatly 

increase the belt life.

Chain Baffle:1646972899512356.png

8mm Chain baffle is usually used for large flail mower, compare to the plate baffle, 

chain baffle design can relieve the pressure of too much debris deposited in the mower 

cabin during the operation.

Manual Rear Gate: 1646972945114874.png

Manual Rear Gate can help you clear the grass debris or replace the blades very easily, 

when a mower without the rear gate, you need to lift the flail mower high enough to do this , 

which is inconvenient and unsafe, when you choose a flail mower, the rear gate is really important.

Double Hinge Prevent breakage:1646972982143797.png

10mm thickness double hinge to the open gate is really important, once breakage will 

cause big troubles to users, so tomorgo machine choose double strong hinge used on the mower.

Side strengthen plate to prevent tearing:1646973018967770.png

Lifting Hook:1646973079142896.png

Strong lifting hook will help you easily lift the machine after taken from the crate package ,

 or you can move the mower by folklift to anywhere if necessary.

NM360 wear-resisting plate:


We use NM360 wear-resisting steel for the skate plate and thickness reach 6mm, increase the use life.

Rotor Shaft Diameter:




Rear Roller Diameter:





Blade Type:

Tomorgo FMH provide forged hammer blades  or  spring steel ,heat treated Y blades.

Hammer blades are used for clearing saplings and Y -blades are perfect for grasses.


Number of Blades:

FM180: 16pcs hammer blades or 32+16 Y blades

FM200: 18pcs hammer blades or 36+18  Y blades

FM220: 20pcs hammer blades or 40+20 Y blades


Dynamic balanced rotor shaft:

Each flail mower cutter rotor with blades should be dynamic balanced, 

to ensure that the mower will not be unstable due to vibration during the actual working process, 

each Tomorgo flail mower rotor shaft unbalance weight is only allowed to be within 20g.


PTO Speed:

540 Only.


Rotor Shaft Speed:

2125 RPM


SKF Bearing:1646973233128551.png

FMH flail mower rotor cutter adopts SKF bearings.

SKF is the world's largest bearing manufacturer, and employs 44,000 people in 

108 manufacturing units. It has the largest industrial distributor network in the industry, 

with 17,000 distributor locations encompassing 130 countries. SKF is one of the largest

 companies in Sweden and among the largest public companies in the world.


Powered Coat Finish:

Tomorgo uses powder painting, the powder used has been tested for sun protection 

and environmental safety, and the adhesion is very good, can keep the machines in good look for many years.


Warranty and Service:

FMH series flail mower provide 2 years warranty period.

Our service department is staffed by professional technicians who inspect each machine before it is shipped. 

And when you need technical assistance , you can also write directly to


FMH Series are designed for cutting weeds and shrubs on grasslands,pastures, orchards and wilderness,suited for 50-100hp tractor


Hydraulic sideshift

Adjustable cutting height

Automatic belt tensioner design

Openable rear gate


Front chain protection or plate protection

Hammer blade or Y blade


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