About Us

Tomorgo Machinery was founded by three like-minded partners who share the same beliefs. Before founding the company, they had accumulated more than ten years of experience in the agricultural machinery industry.

Mrs Isobella Ma, the head of marketing , is also one of the founders, in her past work experience realized that users actually do not have more choices in the market, they are always forced to reluctantly use some ready-made models , while most urgent needs are often ignored. So when we built this company, we told ourselves that we must listen to the voices of users, provide them with the most practical tools, and remove all flashy and gimmicks. Maximize the expansion of the machine usage, advocating simplicity and naturalness.  You can find this concept runs through each of our products.

The company's brand, Tomorgo, is derived from the  Chinese transliteration “Tianyuan Muge”. It describes a beautiful scene of "work from sunrise, rest at sunset, and enjoy the natural and tranquil rural life".

The motivation that drove us to start this company was to build a respectable national brand. We hope can provide the people in this industry with a simpler and more convenient lifeway through our continuous efforts.

TOMORGO’s products will be manufactured by a military enterprise in central China. We have a professional QC team and technical team to supervise the product manufacturing process inside the factory.

We have a mature production process from finishing process-welding-painting to the final assembly , which of course includes the necessary production equipment such as laser cutting machine, automatic bending machine , welding robots, and automatic painting line.

Due to the particularity of military industrial enterprises, if you need to visit, pls make an appointment with us in advance.

Why Choose Tomorgo

Intelligent manufacturing and inspection from raw materials to finished products

Full range of logistics and customs clearance services ensure that you can receive your shipments no matter which country you are in.

Responsible for at least 2 years warranty time

Any technical and usage questions can be responded within 24 hours

Customization service