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SWM Mini Round Bale Wrapper

SWM0830 mini round bale wrapper can automatically complete the silage wrapping of round bales. 

After the round hay is wrapped, it can be stored for a long time. The stretch film can effectively 

block the intrusion of ultraviolet rays, isolate it from the air, and carry out lactic acid fermentation to improve the nutritional value of the forage and improve the milk quantity and quality of feeding dairy cows. It is a good choice for silage in dairy farms.

The number of coating layers can be freely selected to save costs. The wrapping is strong and firm, 

and the efficiency is high.

SWM0830 can be just worked well with another 2 products: MRB0850 and MRB0870 round baler, 

which can wrap 50*70cm (from MRB0850 ) or 61*70cm ( from MRB0870 )round bales.

TOMORGO mini round bale wrapper is cooperated with Japan's IHI corportation. Based on the good trust relationship, IHI corporation provides full support to TOMORGO customers in terms of technology and after-sales support.

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