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MSB Mini Square Baler

MSB series mini square baler is mainly suitable for picking and bundling all kinds of pasture, rice, wheat straw, and corn straw, and is convenient for transportation and storage.

The machine has the functions of picking up, conveying, compressing, and knotting. It can tie loose rice, wheat straw or pasture into rectangular bales. It consists of a picking mechanism, a conveying and feeding mechanism, a compression mechanism, a knotting mechanism, a power transmission mechanism and other components.

The grass and other crops on the ground are picked up through spring tines. The spring tines move along the specially designed guide rail to quickly transport the grass strips to the feeding platform. Then, through the feeding fork, the grass strips fed into the platform are sent to the press. In the bale chamber, the piston compresses the grass in the bale chamber into dense square bales, and the knotting mechanism bundles the compressed grass or straw.

MSB series is designed with a spring compression device, which can adjust the bale density. The bale operation can obtain bale rules and is easy to stack.

MSB series is equipped with a one-way friction clutch to prevent the machine from overloading; triple safety bolts protect important components from overload.

MSB series is pulled by a tractor in the upright position and adopts a large-angle and wide-angle transmission coupling. It has a smaller turning radius and is suitable for operations in small fields. The gearbox using large module gears transmits power more reliably.

TOMORGO mini square baler is cooperated with Japan's IHI corportation. Based on the good trust relationship, IHI corporation provides full support to TOMORGO customers in terms of technology and after-sales support.

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The spring teeth rotate along a specially designed track, easily pick up the scattered fodder


The auger mixes the forage evenly during rotation and sends it to the baling chamber.


The high-efficiency knotting mechanism can quickly knot the formed straw bales and prevent them from loosening.


Rear pedal for easy maintenance and inspection


Straw bale cross-sectional dimensions(cm)36×4636×46
Straw bale length range(cm)30~12030~120
Overall Dimensions(cm)410×246×180473×227.5×180
Pick-up opening width(cm)192227
Number of tooth springs4876
Number of rows for tooth spring bars44
Working speed(km/h)3~74~7

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