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MRB Mini Round Baler

MRB0850/0870 mini baler is a net straw rope baler. It has its own hydraulic pump so your tractor  will not need hydraulic couplers to operate this baler. There are a total 11 bale rollers in the cabin,  with a total weight of about 390kgs/440kgs. The PTO is connected to the tractor and the grass picker.  Speed of the grass picker is 540RPM, with a density adjustment device and a grass volume indicator

TOMORGO mini round baler is cooperated with Japan's IHI corportation. Based on the good trust relationship, IHI corporation provides full support to TOMORGO customers in terms of technology and after-sales support.

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The core word of mini round baler is "precision". In agricultural machinery products, 

you can pursue some products that are just right and only need to achieve simple functions, 

but MINI ROUND BALER cannot, 

because in the end what you need is a product that can tightly wrape straw and can be used smoothly for at least 10 years. 

Baler Roller:



To achieve customer satisfaction with a baler, first of all, the "accuracy" is reflected in the baler roller. 

Take MRB0870 for example, the bale density for dry grass is 20kgs,  and for wet grass is around 30-35kgs. 

The bale roller needs to go through 8 processes to ensure the welding precision,

to prevent gaps in the material of the drum, 

and the forage can effectively compressed druing the actual packaging process.   



The longest roller use famous NTN bearings.

Chain, Sprocket has "O" warranty:


The Chain and sprocket suppliers which Tomorgo chose are all designated suppliers of AGRO and CLASS,  

They are hidden under the hood during actual work. 

The quality is guaranteed so that you will not have any worries.

Grass Picker:

1704953190657185.pngThe galvanized GRASS PICKER is corrosion-resistant and suitable for most working environments.

 In some countries and regions, we also supply the spray plastic grass picker.

Rope winding device:

1704953233166847.pngEach mini round baler will come with a bundle of straw rope. 

The installation of the straw rope is very simple. Just follow the operating instructions. 

When a straw bale is wrapped, 

there is an automatic cutting device to easily cut the straw rope so that the  bale can be spit out smoothly.

Bale Size:

MRB0850: 50×70cm

MRB0870 61×70cm

Warranty and Service:

MRB series mini round baler provide 2 years warranty period. 

Our service department is staffed by professional technicians who inspect each machine before it is shipped. 

And when you need technical assistance , you can also write directly to


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