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ATV Rough Cutter RC115

TOMORGO RC115 has a small body but big energy. It is designed for ATV/UTV that can cut thick brushes and even small woody shrubs and trees. They are very suitable for handling overgrown grounds because they are very strong , the durable features include an 11-Gauge fabricated steel deck and a powerful 608cc electric LONCIN  engine. Cutting height is easily adjusted from 3.5 in. to 7.5 in. 7 different towing angles , two pieces durable blade and 16” wheel。

Considering it is mostly suitable for general household use, we are further simplifying its maintenance work, especially like replacement of belts and tire, even a housewife can do it easily.

Where you can use it.

Bushes field






5 seconds brake system:

Automatic clutch device: it solves the wear problem of manual clutch acceleration belt and 

the slipping problem of deceleration belt. 

When reduce the speed reduction of gasoline engine, the automatic clutch can help the brake 

controlled within 5s, more sensitive, more safer.

Tomorgo RC115 adopt high-quality brake rubber with high wear resistance and strong braking force.

Gates Belt:

Tomorgo RC115 adopts the famous American brand Gates belt. The Gates supplier also participated 

in the technical selection of belts, 

The service life of the belt finally determined is twice that of other Gates belts.


Self-tensioner device:

Self-tensioner device can better reduce the mowing load impact and make transmission more stable.1649215737198898.png


Powered by Loncin 17.5hp engine:

Mounted behind the ATV vehicle with a simple quick-release pin Powered by 17.5 hp, 608cc LONCIN engine

*Loncin General Dynamics Co., Ltd. the "top 500 Chinese enterprises". 

The products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. 

The sales scale of each business is in the forefront of the industry, and 

has established strategic partnership with BMW, Toro, Cummins and other global top 500 enterprise.

Loncin became our first choice because this engine passed a lot of tests and experiments 

to meet the power requirements of the machine, 

we can also supply other brand like B&S brand or others if customers in need.

Two heavy-duty hardened steel blades:

Tomorgo RC115 blades are made from 30MnB/60Si2Mn, by thickness of 10mm, perfect for all kinds of

grass vines and short branches, take fast mowing at high speed.1649215835856498.png


Gauge fabricated steel deck:

The Deck thickness is 3mm, used Q235 steel, Integrally formed, several stiffeners welded inside to ensure

the deck solid and stable.


Front and rear chain guards:

Chain baffle design can relieve the pressure of too much debris deposited in the mower cabin during the operation.


Clean up Dia.Max to 3 inches


44 in. 115cm cutting width


Height adjustment from 3.5 in up to 7.5 in


7 different towing angles:

7 different towing holes can meet different traction angles requirements, make the traction more flexible and convenient. 


Tool-Less Adjustable Cutting Height:

You only need to gently lift the handle(both sides) and install it into different height adjustment holes 

to achieve different cutting heights.


Quick replacement walking tire design:

The tire adopts the connection mode of steel ring and hub, which solves the problem of difficult installation 

and maintenance caused by the traditional integrated connection mode.  

You can easily remove the tire just only by unscrewing the four bolts.



Engine Brand: Loncin                         

Starting System:12-Volt Key Start      

Engine Cycle: 4-Cycle                           

HP: 17.5 HP                                        

Fuel Tank Size:1.6L

Engine Cylinders: 1 Cylinder


Battery Voltage:12 Volts

Battery Type : Lead Acid

Battery Included: Included


Cutting Options:Rear Discharge

Deck Material: 11-Gauge

Blades: 2 Blades

Cutting Width: 44 Inches-115cm

Cutting Height:3.5-7.5 Inches


Rear Tire Size:16 x 6.5 Inch

Tire Type: Puncture Resistant



Consumer Warranty: 2 Years

Dimensions(inches):124.0L x 62.0W x 25.0H

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